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RCS Dormers, False Dormers, & Attics

We have been a dormer builder in Chicago for over 20 years. Whether you need a “Gable” dormer or a “false” dormer, look no further. Our dormers are found all throughout the Chicago suburbs.


When hiring a dormer contractor in Chicago, you should look for one who’s experienced, and one that can show you examples of previously built dormers. If dormers aren’t built right, you may end up spending extra money later on roof repairs that could have been avoided all together to begin with.


In essence, dormers are tiny “houses” that add natural light and ventilation, along with extra headroom to your attic. There are different types of dormers. The most common type is the “Gable”. If you look at any house around you, chances are that you’ll see a house with a “gable” dormer on it.  Colonial homes offer the best setting these dormers. You also have “shed” dormers and “hipped” dormers that can offer you the same functionality to your attic.


Another type of dormer is called the “blind” or “false” attic. This is a non-functioning dormer that’s only purpose is to enhance the exterior appearance of the house, giving it curb appeal. Dormers are fitted with special dormer windows that are typically smaller than your conventional windows found around the house.

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