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Picking the right floor in your home is crucial. The type of floor that you choose will ultimately set the mood/tone for that room.  Our experienced staff will help you decide on the appropriate material for your budget:


Wood flooring has been used for centuries. That tradition is still kept alive today with homeowners everywhere using wood as their primary flooring material. Wood can be a pricier option as there are several types of domestic and exotic wood species to choose, but Remodeling Chicago Suburbs has all of the connections in the industry to get you the absolute best prices on your wood flooring choice.


Ceramic Tile is comprised of different clays and natural materials mined from the earth.  They are colored, shaped, and fired in large kilns in order for hardening to take place. They are then finished with a high gloss to give it that shiny look or they are matted to give that neutral look that you might desire.


Porcelain Tile is the most popular tile our customers pick. This tile is composed of finer porcelain clays, and is baked under hotter temperatures than ceramic tiles. The end result of this is a less porous and harder tile. These tiles are also less prone to moisture absorption which makes them a popular choice for outside placement.


Slate is another popular option. Slate is a natural rock consisting of chlorite, quartz, calcite, and mica. This belongs to the metamorphic rock family. Slate is typically more expensive than porcelain and ceramic and sometimes requires more maintenance. It is recommended that slate and mortar is properly sealed. Slate can be a popular choice for areas where there’s water such as backsplashes, driveways, pool walls, spas, waterfalls, etc.

Our Process

Remodeling Chicago Suburbs always starts with an in-home consultation to learn about your floor remodeling needs. Once you’ve selected your desired material, our expert designers will work with our installers to design a layout that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. During installation, our clients rest easy knowing that the RCS construction process is always managed efficiently and reliably with the utmost attention to detail. Progress is always communicated clearly and promptly with our customers, and our team can be reached 24-7 to field your questions or concerns.

Your new dream floor is only a phone call or email away! Contact us today!


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