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Our Philosophy

Don’t inadvertently violate city code because of your new porch. We will repair your porch, or build you a new one the right way. Once you decide on the design, we go to work. We obtain all necessary permits as required per city code. Our experienced engineers use only the finest and strongest materials to ensure safe and long-lasting building quality. Concrete footing is poured in combination with carefully placed rebars to ensure a durable foundation. We will also teach you how to properly maintain your porch each season so you can get up to 50 years of enjoyment out of your new investment.


When it comes to building a porch, deck, or patio, you have so many options! If your home is blessed with unused space outside, you can turn that expanse into a dreamy new deck that will contribute loads of fun! Whether you live in the city or suburbs, RCS is your number one professional porch builder and restorer in Chicago. Have a beautiful porch again, or for the first time.


Fence installation is the best way to separate your space from that of your neighbors and achieve the ultimate privacy you deserve. In Chicago, fence installation is very common due to the close proximity between dwellings. We follow proper height guidelines as required per city code and let you choose from different types of fence materials. You can select wood, aluminum, chain-link, or the heavier-duty wrought iron. Why choose us for your fence installation over anyone else? We give you a long-lasting warranty, and we offer competitive prices.

Your new dream porch is only a phone call or email away! Contact us today!


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